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How to Love the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors has always provided pleasurable experiences for me. I can decompress and have fun without feeling pressured by the world around me. Over time, my appreciation and respect for nature have full-fledged.

After growing up in the Mideast my whole life, I have adapted to the changing weather and seasons each year. I love listening to the rain as it falls against the rooftop of our house and watching the snowflakes catch on to the bare tree branches.

Throughout the years, I have been participating in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, and swimming. In their own way, each of these events has given me a positive outlook on all the benefits nature has to offer. Through my writing, I will explain the relationship, interaction, and beliefs towards nature, and its role in the human race.

The Relationship With Nature

The relationship with and outdoors is identified as a place for people to explore God’s creation and freely express themselves without judgment. Nature is an escape when they feel the need to be away from everyday life.





When in nature, no standards need to be met. The calmness and quietness allow people to clearly process their inner thoughts and motivates them to continue to move forward with their lives.

The Great Outdoors is a Stress Reliever

Sometimes I take a drive down roads surrounded by trees and lakes. There’s hardly a car on the road, the city noise can’t be heard, and it’s stress-relieving. You can witness the treasures nature has to offer.

I believe nature’s beauty can force a person to forget about their problems and concentrate only on the happy moments in life.

Nature Holds Many Secrets

The deep forests and bottomless lakes can hold many secrets, which is why I believe nature is one of the greatest healing powers a person can come across. I also believe nature has the power to capture a person’s unwanted problems and remove them discretely.

Interaction with nature is important, because without the sun and fresh air a person cannot live. Some ways of interacting with nature are by taking hikes through the woods, enjoying the beautiful scenery, walking along the beach, and watching the waves as they crash on to the shore.

Loving the great outdoors and nature will give you the feeling of power, assertion that you have control over your life and your emotions. You feel at ease. Over time a person learns to adapt to their environment and take advantage of all the experiences nature has to offer.


Happiness is the Key of Life

Happiness is the key to life, and there are many ways to achieve this delightful feeling. One of those ways is through nature. Nature will continue to be valuable to earth and those who inhabit it. Nature holds the key to life and gives you a place to escape to when the outside world becomes too unbearable. Maintaining a relationship with nature is essential for living a healthy life.




The fresh smell of petrichor or a cool winter breeze is all a person needs to feel calm and relaxed. Having interactions with nature is a good way to clear one’s mind and start each day fresh. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start each day by fixing your eyes on the sun as emerges from beneath the mountains? This gives you the sense that you have another day to go about your life.

Nature is rewarding to those who appreciate it’s beauty and care for it.

Love the Great Outdoors

In conclusion, nature and outdoor hobbies provide some of the most enjoyable experiences. It helps to reduce the stress from daily life, it also helps them see the miracles of life and give them positive energy.

We live in a society where people spend too much time indoors and online, especially children. So spending more time in nature can help people fulfill healthier, happier, and more creative lives.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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