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A Foot Above the Rest

The foot is one of the most complex parts of the body. It is made up of 26 bones connected by many joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot is at risk of many stresses. Foot problems can cause pain, inflammation, or injury. These problems can result in limited movement and mobility.


From day-to-day activities to amazing outdoor activities, our feet can take us anywhere. Therefore, let’s make sure to take care of our feet with the best possible footwear we can find.

Proper Footwear


Choosing the best footwear is very important for your health because it offers you a comfortable experience all day long no matter what the circumstances. Whatever job or activities you are associated with, the most important thing is to choose the best kind of shoes to wear. Wearing the wrong footwear can lead to foot pain or even more serious health impacts over time. In this article, I’ll be giving you tips on what a good shoe should have, provide you, and where and how to find them.



Tips to use when selecting footwear.

  • Choose shoes that conform to the natural shape of your foot. Make sure that the ball of your foot fits into the widest part of the shoe. The heel of the shoe should fit snugly without slipping. Avoid pointed shoes that force your toes into an unnatural position.
  • Do not wear shoes with a heel higher than 2 ¼ in. Heels higher than this height put pressure on the ankles and balls of the feet and, over time, cause injuries, such as bunions and calluses.
  • Try on new shoes at the end of the day. Your feet swell after standing or sitting during the day.
  • Try on both shoes when purchasing footwear, since one foot is often larger than the other.
  • Stand and walk around in the shoes before buying them to be sure they are comfortable.
  • Don’t rely on shoe sizes. Instead, always try on shoes, as sizes vary among brands.
  • Has each foot measured regularly, since feet tend to get larger with age?
  • Purchase shoes that are comfortable when you first try them on. Do not expect shoes to stretch or “break-in.”



Choosing the right shoe

The right shoe can help keep your feet healthy and your body safe from injury.

  • Shoes should provide cushion and support your feet, feel comfortable and fit well.
  • Shop for shoes when your feet are at their largest – at the end of the day or after exercise.
  • Get your feet measured every time you buy shoes – it is common for one’s foot to be larger than the other, and your foot size and shape can change as you age.
  • If you play a sport, choose a shoe designed for that sport.
  • Talk with a healthcare professional about any problems with your feet or footwear.

How Shoes Affect your Joints

Choosing the wrong footwear can contribute to common injuries such as shin splints, corns, and bunions, ingrown toenails, or lower back pain. If your footwear is tight or insufficiently supportive, your physical activity may place stress on your feet, ankles, lower legs, and other joints.

Poor footwear can lead to many problems:

If your shoes are not designed for your activity, the chances of injury can be increased. You start getting diagnosed with problems such as pain or arthritis in your hips, knees, ankles or feet when you wear the wrong footwear. If you regularly stand for long periods of time as part of your job, wrong shoes can cause stress and pain to your bones and joints. Your shoes can make a significant impact on the way you walk.

The right shoe can help prevent, reduce or eliminate foot pain. A lack of pain has a huge impact on how well and easily you move. So, find the right pair of shoes and get active!


Runing Shoes




Choosing the best footwear it is not hard, especially now that you’ve read all these tips on what a good shoe should have, provide you, and how to find the right ones. There are many places that specialize in footwear you can visit and shop for your personal needs. I prefer shopping online, because of my packed schedule during the week. I recommend that you do too. It’s efficient and easy. There are many websites you can browse and search for your needs but they don’t offer free shipping unless you have a membership with them. That’s why you should consider visiting Cabelas or shop on their website. I guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

is known for supplying equipment for outdoor activities since 1961 and is labeled as the World’s Foremost Outfitter of outdoor gear. They have a great reputation and feedback on their wide selection of high-quality outdoor apparel and supplies, helpful buying guides, and exceptional customer service. However, while quick to think of Cabelas for everything outdoors, some are quick to forget that their unrivaled products go beyond hunting and camping.

While Cabela’s footwear collection does offer superior options for hiking, hunting, and boating, it also offers casual

options, sneakers, and more for the whole family.

If this company can provide the utmost comfort during intense activity, imagine what they can offer for a low-key day?


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13 thoughts on “A Foot Above the Rest”

  1. SeunJeremiah says:

    This is indeed a brilliant and educative post, you have made me understand that choosing the right shoes is important. Shoes provide your feet with support and stability and protect your feet from the environment. Choosing the wrong type or size of shoe can be damaging to your feet, or can make existing foot problems worse. I’m definitely going to follow this general points in choosing the right shoes.

    1. sam says:

      Definitely, shoes do indeed protect our feet and help us get around in so many ways. Many people make mistakes when purchasing shoes and that impacts them negatively. I’m glad my post helped you.  

  2. Dane says:

    Picking the right shoe size or the one that goes well with the shape of ones leg can be quite difficult in some situation and so for that reason some people just go for any kind of shoe. On the other hand some people don’t know how to pick a shoe, they just look for their sizes and end up having regrets about the situation alot
    Looking at this post, I believe it will go a long way to helping people with the right shoe and now one wouldn’t have to complain about one of the shoe being too tight and the other free whe they follow these tips properly. Thanks for sharing.

    1. sam says:

      I absolutely agree. Finding shoes can be difficult in some people’s cases. Some people also don’t look into sizes or they may pick the wrong one, leaving them with an uncomfortable fit. This post and the tips I provided in it all come from the first-hand experience and I also believe that it’ll help others when choosing the perfect shoe.

  3. Jay says:

    These are great tips that l don’t make use of when purchasing shoes which is why I most of the time purchase uncomfortable shoes. You said something about testing them out before buying them. This is definitely a good idea but how do I go about this If I decide to make my purchase online.

    1. sam says:

      I understand where you are coming from. When buying shoes online, being hesitant is okay, for you only want the best of the best. Buying shoes online can be risky but if you take the time to poke around and do some research you may end up with the shoes you expected. Always look at the reviews and ratings of the product. Some websites include a size chart as well, so make sure to know your measurements. The website you decide to shop on also matters. The website should be trusted and true to its products and customers. 

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad that I stumbled upon this article as I definitely learned something new. I have that habit of not trying the shoes before buying as I already know my number but now I see that I am making a mistake, there were a couple of times I would give back shoes but of course, the seller would not receive it.

    1. sam says:

      I can relate. I have made the same mistake when purchasing footwear. I used to find my size and purchase it without trying it on and when I would get home and wear it I’d realize that it is not at all comfortable or either too tight or too large. I’ve made this mistake when online shopping as well. I now know better and I want to help others with choosing the perfect foot apparel with this post.

  5. Eric says:

    Wow did not that the foot has so many bones and ligaments. But you are right it, having the proper shoes makes al the difference for a person. I have flat feet, so I always have to make the insoles are correct for me. Not just that, but I also have wider feet, I have made the mistake of buying unfitted shoes. Achy feet was all I got. 

    Great article, enjoyed reading it. 

    1. sam says:

      Most people don’t realize how much our feet help us, it’s just an everyday normal thing to them. The foot gets us everywhere we need to be, therefore it must be well taken care of. 

  6. Cathy says:

    Wearing the right shoes for the right activity is crucial. I work all day long standing on my feet and for the longest of time, I thought my foot ache was due to work stress until I started getting very painful heels. Then I added padding to my work shoes and it made all the difference. Within 1-2 days, my feet were soothed from the aching and they could smile again. My other colleague also changed to orthopedic shoes and it fixed the pain on her knees. 

  7. Robert says:

    I am the type of guy who wears only two types of shoes on a regular basis mainly because I feel comfortable wearing them. The ones I wear the most are above the ankle mid waterproof suede leather hiking boots. I used to go hiking every week and ever since then I have felt most comfortable wearing them also for work even though I do not go hiking as much anymore. On the weekends I tend to wear running shoe style sneakers.

    Though I rarely buy new footwear, I wear the ones I have until they start to fall apart, the tips yo have provided in this post will greatly help in my decision process. I had no idea that one foot could be larger than the other and that the feet can be the largest at the end of the day or after exercise.I do agree that footwear should conform to the natural shape of the foot. It amazes me what women do to their feet just to wear a pair of sexy shoes. Thanks for this info.

    1. sam says:

      Absolutely your feet do swell by the end of the day, depending on how many hours you stand and the altitude you are in. 

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